IPLOOK 4G/5G Core Network

Virtualized 5GC, EPC and IMS



MEC GW Overview

IPLOOK’s MEC refers to an open platform that integrates network, computing, storage, and application core capabilities on the edge of the network near the object or data source, and provides edge intelligent services nearby to meet the key needs of industry digitization in agile connection, real-time business, data optimization, application intelligence, security and privacy protection. IPLOOK’s MEC improves the user service experience and reduces the CAPEX on the edge of the network.

IPLOOK has launched numbers of MEC site and is going to launch more by 2020. For now, most of them are local data breakout gateways based on MEC. The further MEC product will integrate GW-UP under 5G standard.


1.A single device can achieve 1Gbps throughput, supporting 4 macro eNodeBs and 10 small cells.

2.Under the virtualization platform, DPDK acceleration is adopted, the system delay is less than 1ms, and single server data plane processing performancer can reach 16Mbps.

Application Cases

1.Application scenario: Large entertainment place/Shopping center.

2.Wireless environment: Cover one ditrict with 4G in-depth so that users will transfer from wifi to 4G, thus bring to operators massive data.

3.MEC deployment: The MEC platform is deployed near the edge network to provide users with low latency, high-bandwidth local connections and transmission capabilities. Thoes strengths can well meet the requirements of some vertical industries such as government, enterprises, shopping malls, and campuses.

4.Multilateral cooperation: Currently, IPLOOK has extensive cooperation in MEC with Guangdong Chaoxu/Shenzhen Xingyao/HPE, and are deployed in many cities for China Mobile in Guangdong.

Standard Deployment

For the 5G standard, a MEC product based on the 5G architecture will be launched this year. The product includes GW UP and the basic functions of MEC.


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