IPLOOK 4G/5G Core Network

Virtualized 5GC, EPC and IMS

IPLOOK 5GC has higher compatibility and speed. Smooth upgrade from EPC to 5GC. Lower set up fee. Free training and quotation.
IPLOOK EPC provides a fully integrated, flexible, high performance, highly-scalable and cost-effective LTE mobility platform, which includes MME, HSS/HLR, SGW and PGW.
NB-IoT/eMTC is one solution of IoT which focuse on connection of things. It one part of the 5th generation of communication system.
IPLOOK GTP Router is a proxy for PGW and GGSN nodes, as well as GTP-C and GTP-U traffic, which supports multi MNO and MVNO.
IPLOOK XGW include SGW and PGW. Both of these two elements can be deployed as virtualized element. The SGW and PGW functions could be realized as a single network element.
The Mobility Management Entity (MME) represents the control plane for the User Equipments(UEs) to access the 4G LTE, or EPS network. Carrier Grade MME can be NFV eleme...
IPLOOK HSS includes EPC and IMS storge functions. It features distributed structure and modular design, and supports many reliability functions.
IMS provides IP multimedia services to customers,including voice call, video call(VoLTE) and messages. The IMS products offer a stabler voice and video call than 2G/3G core network.


Why choose us?


A leading global provider of 5GC, EPC and IMS with which it helps its clients lead into the future. Lower cost. Flexible deployment.

Since 2012, IPLOOK Technologies Co., Ltd (Branded as "IPLOOK") is an innovative enterprise, dedicated in the R&D of 5GC, EPC, IMS and core network related products. We are the world's leading provider of core network with flexible development and customization capabilities and convergent core solution. IPLOOK mainly features in core network services for four types of customers: Mobile Virtual Network Operators(MVNO), Wireless Internet Service Provider(WISP), Small & ,Medium-sized Mobile Network Operators(MNO) and Private Networks. Our core network services cover 30 countries or regions for more than 30 million people. We have accumulated rich cases of 3G/4G/5G commercial deployment in the field of wireless communication. As well as the concept of providing the best core network products and services for global customers, IPLOOK is committed to enabling your accesses to the world, being at the forefront of technology and constructing a brighter future.



Successful 5GC Interop Testing between Kaloom and IPLOOK



Recently, Kaloom performed interoperability testing with IPLOOK’s leading edge 5G core network(5GC). Kal...
Why choose 5G option6?



As for IPLOOK, we recommend Option 6 for Industrial Parks and Private Networks.
What is Multi-Access Edge Computing(MEC)?



IPLOOK’ s MEC edge gateway is at the edge of the network to improve user service experience and reduce user ...
IPLOOK's 5G Network Speedtest



Have a look at 5G speedtest with IPLOOK’s 5GC ! Our ultra 5G mobile network is now going over 780 Mbps ...
End to end VoLTE and VoWiFi Solution



IPLOOK provides its customers with LTE voice calls (VoLTE) on its mobile network and WiFi calls on 4G...
IPLOOK updates our LOGO!



IPLOOK’s core network products have grown more flexible, more stable and more mature. Updating the LOGO...
5G Option 3x deployment



Option 3x is the initial deployment option that helps mobile operators to start their 5G roadmap and accelerate the...
What is private LTE and private 5G?



Private 5G can deliver ultra low latency and incredibly high bandwidth connections supporting artificial intelligenc...
IPLOOK’s private LTE solution



While mobility is provided by the operator's public networks and roaming partners worldwide. This model is enabl...
What difference between SA and NSA deployment in 5G?



According to the definition of 3GPP, 5G Standard is divided into two modes: Non Standalone Networking(NSA...
OTA Global SIM solution



Our OTA global SIM solution can upgrade your local sim super roaming capabilities.



IPLOOK EPC/5GC CUPS start from 3GPP R15 standard. Scaling CP and UP functions independently. En...
IPLOOK Recruitment



In order to provide better core network services for our customers, we need more R&D personnel, more Technical ...
5G network(5GC)deployment Scenario



5G Network deployment, NFV, Cloud Native 5GC, NSA EPC. Here is the common deployment evolution of 5...
R17 will define the future of 5G



The first version of 5G standard R15 was frozen in June 2018. By the first half of 2020, 5G's second version stan...
IPLOOK solution for WISP



IPLOOK help WISPs build their own core network and offer WISPs exceptional sservices, designed to fit their...
What is 4G Core Network and 5G Core Network?



The formation process of 5GC on the basis of 4G core network is like the process of caterpillar's metamorphosis ...

IPLOOK at World 5G Convention2020!

IPLOOK Technologies was invited to participate in the conference, where we demonstrate our #Private5G solutions covering #Enterprises, #Railways, #Mining and other industries.​


IPLOOK showcased its 4G/5G core network products, solutions and services at the PT EXPO CHINA 2020, which was successfully held at the China National Convention Center (CN...

IPLOOK officially launched 5GC NSSF/NRF/NEF elements!

See IPLOOK‘s new upgraded 5GC(5G core network (MME/AMF, HSS/UDM/AUSF, GW-C/SMF, GW-U/UPF, PCRF/PCF, NSSF, NRF, NEF). And we invite you to p...

IPLOOK has become a member of TIP Open Core Network Group

Being a member of TIP, IPLOOK focuses on developing a cloud-native and converged core network, running on standardized software and supporting 3G, 4G, 5G technologies for deployments...

IPLOOK wishes all the best to people suffering from COVID-19

The life is invaluable. We cherish every second with our family. The Coronavirus COVID-19 is affecting 200 countries and territories around the world. IPLOOK has sent a batch of nece...

IPLOOK invites you to participate in MWC2020, #1G41!

IPLOOK will join MWC 2020 as an exhibitor. The exhibition aims to bring the End-to-End LTE/NR solution for customers, which is including eNB/gNB, 3G/4G/5G core network, b...

IPLOOK invites you to participate AfricaCom2019,#C23A

IPLOOK in AfricaCom2019! We integrate eNodeBs, 3G/4G/5G corenetwork and billing system to a LTE all-in-one solution!

2019 MVNO&VAS World Congress - IPLOOK

Jarod Wang, VP of IPLOOK Networks Co., Ltd, in the exclusive interview with C114 Communication website. The value of MVNO as a device manufacturer is not simply the provis...

IPLOOK has completed PoC for a MVNO in middle east

IPLOOK was invited to middle east for a PoC test for MVNO. We displayed the good reliability and compatibility of our products during the test.

IPLOOK will be on MVNOs World Congress in Madrid, 23 - 26 April 2018

IPLOOK Technologies provides innovative core network solution for both MVNO and MNO. The NFV architecture reduced CAPEX and OPEX. Please visit Pode Zone C on MVNOs...

Mobile World Cogress - IPLOOK is ready

IPLOOK will take part in MWC 2018 in Barcelona. The lastest version of 4/5G core network will be launched

MWCA 2017

Data: 12th September- 14th September 2017 | Location: San Francisco, America | Booth No: S2141 South Hall

Mobile World Congress 2018-IPLOOK

IPLOOK is an brand LTE core netrwork vendor in China, which makes IPLOOK become an integrated mobile network services vendor. IPLOOK NB-IoT core, EPC, IMS will be e...