Hytera-IPLOOK 4G&5G Integrated Solution Workshop
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Hytera-IPLOOK 4G&5G Integrated Solution Workshop

Recently, IPLOOK and Hytera held a significant workshop called Hytera-IPLOOK 4G&5G Integrated Solution Workshop.

Hytera-IPLOOK 4G&5G Workshop
Hytera-IPLOOK 4G&5G Integrated Solution Workshop

Both IPLOOK and Hytera are professional, high-integrated and high-standard enterprises in global telecom industry. Dedicated in telecom field for many years, IPLOOK and Hytera is committed to contributing to the development of 4G&5G network and shouldering the responsibilities of innovating creative solutions for operators and enterprises.
Focusing on the products and solutions of two companies as well as future evolution, the aim of holding this workshop is to build more consolidated business relationship between IPLOOK and Hytera through deeper discussion of integrated products and solutions presentation from both sides.


IPLOOK Product and Solution Introduction

As a leading and specialized cloud-native mobile core network provider, IPLOOK introduced our products and solutions from four aspects: IPLOOK product lines, key features, advantages and roadmap.

1. IPLOOK Product Lines:

·  3G core network and its NEs (HLR, GGSN, STP, SMSC/USSD)
·  4G core network (EPC) and its NEs (MME, HSS, SGW, PGW, PCRF, DRA)
·  5G core network (5GC) and its NEs (AMF, SMF, UPF, AUSF, UDM, PCF, NRF, NSSF, NEF)
·  IMS and MCX system
·  NB-IoT Core
·  3G and 4G Integrated Network
·  4G and 5G Integrated Network


2. Key Features

·  Management: RESTful API, multiple billing interface
·  Functionality:
Introducing SBA (Service-based Architecture), IPLOOK can provide seven available options of 5GC deployment with various configuration according to 3GPP based on both NSA & SA network architecture. IPLOOK supports multi-level redundancy to ensure stronger reliability of the system. IPLOOK also supports 5GC network slicing which is able to create and develop new business and monetization opportunities. 
All of IPLOOK product can be deployed on virtual platform such as OpenStack, VMware, Docker, Kubernetes platform and AWS Cloud, which can be cost-effective solution for our customers. And the services IPLOOK provided can be controlled on a unified EMS (Element Management System) as below picture.

IPLOOK Element Management System
IPLOOK EMS (Element Management System)

3. Advantages

·  Full stack core network: IPLOOK can provide converged 3G/4G/5G core network and support a smooth evolution from EPC to dual mode 5GC (NSA and SA) with simplified design.
·  Tailor-made Solution: Aiming at customer needs, IPLOOK provides all size scalable networks and multiple deployment. Onsite service and 24/7 support are on-demand.
·  End-to-end Integration: Comply to 3GPP, our core network products have excellent interoperability with multi-vendor base stations and CPEs ensuring easy integration.
·  Lower TCO: From a small cost effective network to a large distributed network, IPLOOK can ensure efficiency in operations and management.


4. IPLOOK Product Roadmap

IPLOOK Product Roadmap
IPLOOK Product Roadmap

Hytera Product and Solution Introduction
As a professional Radio Communication provider, Hytera introduced its O-Ran product and ORAN 4G/5G base station deployment solutions during this workshop.

1.Hytera LTE Multiple Recording & Playback system

It can provide versatile features real time status monitor B/S model to support video, voice, SMS, on/offline notice and other functions as below figure.

  Hytera LTE System
Hytera LTE Multiple Recording & Playback system

2.Hytera P-LTE Open API

Also, Hytera P-LTE Open API is open, mature and comprehensive, which can meet the needs of diverse application scenario such as database inquiry, dispatcher recorder, train control, customized APP and so on.

The workshop between Hytera and IPLOOK was successfully ended with applause.

“Thanks for all the attendees. Hytera is a leading enterprises in private network industry. Combined with the advantages of Hytera, IPLOOK is able to provide customer-centric and cost-effective solutions for our customers. IPLOOK has about 12 potential overseas MVNO projects which are hope to be launched in this year. We will facilitate the cooperation with Hytera from all aspects. Also, IPLOOK will keep developing the cooperated overseas projects with Hytera.” said Dong Lyu, CEO of IPLOOK Technologies.

Bao Guan, General Manager of the Broadband System Business Division of Hytera said ”I am very delighted to attend this workshop which can motivate the possibility of providing innovative and customized products and solutions for our customers. Through this meaningful workshop, knowing more clearly about each other, Hytera and IPLOOK are able to cooperate much more closer and effective in the future.”

About Hytera
Founded in Shenzhen, Guangdong, in 1993 and operated on a global basis, Hytera is a leading radio communications company around the world. Hytera is dedicated to delivering the most innovative and professional Mobile Radio communications systems and solutions to clients around the world.
More information can be found at: https://www.hytera.us/

As an industry-leading, end-to-end mobile core solution provider, IPLOOK can provide highly scalable, virtualized and cost effective 3G/4G/5G core network which can be deployed for MNO, MVNO, WISP and Private Networks. We also support customized services based on specific requirements from our global customers.
More information can be found at: https://www.iplook.com 
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Tell us your business needs, and we' ll find the perfect solution.
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