How to become a WISP?
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How to become a WISP?

How to become a WISP?

What is WISP?

In some rural or remote areas where high-speed internet is hard to come by, Wireless Internet Service Providers (WISPs) can provide fixed wireless access network (FWA) through radio waves, eliminating the need for cables or phone lines.

Fixed wireless networks can provide customers with low latency connections and superfast speed at a price which is competitive in the industry.

The challenges of start-up

Developing a new business is always filled with serious challenges. The challenges of becoming WISPs critically rely on below aspects:

  • Accumulate enough related knowledge


  • Raise the initial capital


  • Figure out a general project


  • Obtain permission to deploy the FWA solution in your country


  • Receive license of the band you plan to used for this solution


  • Look for a reliable and professional vendor to implement the solution



The key steps to becoming a WISP

After knowing the challenges, it may become more clear that how to explore the WISP business step by step:
Step 1: First of all, you should know the situation (detailed application scenarios, amount of subscribers and needed services etc.) about the country/area where you plan to deploy the solution.
Step 2: Take the risks into account to make a plan, confirming what (Money&Time ) do you plan to invest in this project. More importantly, make sure what market (home users,enterprises..) do you intend to target, which may decide your objectives.
Step 3: Take actions! Try to get the related licenses and confirm the suitable vendor you plan to cooperate based on detailed investigation.
Step 4: You should keep focusing on the operation and management of this solution, and try to optimize your solution to better meet the market changes.

A turn-key solution provided for new gamers

Based on your specific requirements, IPLOOK offers a complete fixed wireless solution including CPE, radios, core network and management platform, cooperated with our industry partners.

IPLOOK Fixed Wireless Solution-IPLOOK

For the core network part, IPLOOK can provide a compact EPC - IKEPC 500 series for Fixed Networks which is a leading LTE core network solution for WISPs, offering carrier grade performance with proven scalability and reliability.

The benefits of becoming a WISP with IPLOOK solution

  • Fast and easy to deploy


  • A cost-effective solution to deliver high-value broadband services


  • Based on projected subscriber and traffic throughput requirements to provide tailored solution


  • Create new enterprise business and revenue opportunities


  • Provide superfast access with low latency to meet the requirements from emerging applications



Following these steps, you are on the path to the success of becoming a WISP!
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Tell us your business needs, and we' ll find the perfect solution.
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