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Progressive Video Call of Customer Care Service by IPLOOK and Ribbon

Recently, IPLOOK Technologies make a successful 4G VoLTE, 5G VoNR video call of customer care by using IMS (IP Multimedia Subsystem) combined with Ribbon SBC (Session Border Controller).
The cooperation between IPLOOK IMS and Ribbon SBC, which is based on Web and App, realizes real-time audio/video communication technology to provide two-way real-time video interaction ability for users and enterprises customer care personnel. It includes functions like video display and playback, voice and text synchronous online smooth communication, clear picture quality, low latency. Consumers can enjoy face-to-face VIP services without leaving home, which helps enterprises gain a cost-effective solution and improve customer care efficiency while improving customer experience.
The following is a call test case between Video Agent and VoLTE Terminal.
Test Environment
(including microphone, speaker and camera)
Mobile Normal
PC Normal
Network Element being tested: MME, HSS, PGW, SGW, SBC, PBX, PCRF, IMS.
Test Items Test Results
vivo audioCall to MicroSIP Normal
vivo videoCall to MicroSIP Normal
MicroSIP to audioCall vivo Normal
MicroSIP to videoCall vivo Normal
HUAWEI Terminals Normal
What is SBC?

What is SBC?

A session border controller (SBC) is a network element deployed to protect SIP based voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) networks. SBC is a network element used by IMS to realize IP access, interworking and security protection.
 Its main functions include:
• Registration management.
• Network Address Translation (NAT).
• Signaling firewall.
• Media resource management.
• QoS policy control.
• IP security.
There are two ways to deploy SBC: one is to set SBC and P-CSCF independently; the other is the combination of SBC and P-CSCF.
With the upgrading of consumption and the continuous change of customer interaction channels, video customer care is becoming the seventh largest mainstream contact channel after telephone, website (H5), microblog, wechat, App and work order.
Compared with the traditional customer care mode, the video customer care business realized by IPLOOK IMS and Ribbon SBC technology has the great advantages of on-site certification, demonstration guidance, interactive communication and so on. At present, video customer care has been applied to bank account opening, insurance loss determination, video recruitment, e-commerce shopping guide, remote teaching and other fields. In the future, this technology will improves the quality of our conversation and allows us to be more connected.


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