IPLOOK RECAP: What 2022 looked like?
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IPLOOK RECAP: What 2022 looked like?

IPLOOK RECAP: What 2022 looked like?

All are on high energy to ring out the old and ring in the new with the passage of time. Welcoming the new year together, it is also important to look back at the outgoing year that was filled with big News Stories.

At the beginning of 2022, IPLOOK received sincere New-Year Greetings from our Global Partners. Hereby step into the 10th year of IPLOOK.

1. New Milestone

· IPLOOK's 10th Anniversary
Our story started in 2012 with the establishment of IPLOOK. We started out from the 3G/4G network business at that time. Now, IPLOOK has already been recognized as one of the key 4G/5G core network vendors around the globe.
With ceremony speeches by IPLOOK’s CEO Tom and VP Jarod, we recalled and discussed IPLOOK’s ongoing activities and plans. A new chapter began.

2. Global Team

· Our MENA Sales director, Frank Li, established IPLOOK's new office in Istanbul, Turkey.
· Mohammed Abunahia joined us as Senior Technical Support Engineer in Turkey.
· Our multi-lingual (English, Chinese, French and Spanish) website and YouTube channel was officially launched. More language options will be added in the future.

3. Diverse Events

· O-RAN Virtual Exhibition for MWC Barcelona 2022
IPLOOK unveiled a full stack cloud-native and container-based systems of end-to-end 4G/5G converged mobile core solution.

· NCC X IPLOOK: Training meeting about 6G technology
IPLOOK's technical team gave a presentation about satellite in the 6G technology meeting. It was a golden opportunity for IPLOOK to assist Nigeria to build the 4G/5G and even 6G network.

· Global 5G Evolution International Virtual Conference
Themed as “How to catch 5G private network opportunity as small vendor”, IPLOOK shared the viewpoint about the market of 5G private network and how could small mobile network vendor like IPLOOK seize the opportunities to develop.

· IEEE/CIC International Conference (ICCC 2022)
As one of the workshop committees, IPLOOK discussed the technical issues about satellite internet network in the International Workshop on Satellite Internet Network (SatNet).

· IPLOOK became a member of GSA
As a leading provider of mobile network solutions, IPLOOK is proud to be a part of the GSA to advance further and contribute to the development of the global IMT industry.

· GSA 4G/5G FWA Forum
IPLOOK attended the online forum to know about significant advances in FWA and issues such as sustainability, innovation and research, foreseeable activities, and marketing plans.

· IPLOOK enhances commitment to 5G-Advanced Tech
Corporate with industry partners, IPLOOK took part in the process of discussing the 5G-Advanced tech evolving networks, providing the materials about one of the key technologies: Space-Air-Ground Networks.

4. Successful use cases

· Selected by Connect Services Liberia to deploy 4G Fixed Wireless Access Solution
IPLOOK was successfully selected to deploy the full turnkey 4G mobile network solution, that will provide reliable and high-speed broadband service to Residential and Enterprise Customers at a low cost.

· Chosen by Oceanlink to deliver 4G Mobile Network on Pacific Islands
IPLOOK’s MNO solution allows Oceanlink to quickly and economically deliver 4G network services on the islands of Kiribati to its mobile users, achieving a swift rollout of the new-built 4G commercial network while significantly lowering TCO and reducing overall time to market.

· Economic private 5G network solution with IPLOOK 5GC on AWS
This SaaS solution provides customers with an on-demand subscription of private 5G network services with pay-as-you-go model. Running IPLOOK 5G core network (5GC) on AWS offers a faster cost-effective 5G network implementation.

· A Trial System of IPLOOK 4G/5G Converged Core in New York IDC
IPLOOK’s 4G/5G converged core network deployed in New York connects with eNodeB/gNodeB based at IPLOOK R&D center through IPSec tunnel, completing the tests for stable 4G/5G data services and VoNR/VoLTE calls.

· Successful Interoperability Test between IPLOOK MCN and PortaBilling OCS
A complete, affordable, and fully customizable MVNO solution is now a possibility. It provides new MVNOs of any size with a unified platform to launch a deployment with reduced TCO and ability to quickly integrate it with third-party systems for improved customer experience (CX).

· Successful Interoperability Test between IPLOOK EPC and ULAK Base Stations
An advanced-capabilities and customer-oriented mobile network solution is available, rendering all-sized operators and enterprises to deploy 4G commercial networks cost-effectively and rapidly with enhanced quality of voice and data services.

· IPLOOK 5G Satellite Solution Validation
IPLOOK set up an end-to-end test environment, including the terrestrial 5G satellite equipment, 5G gNodeB, 5G Core Network (5GC) and 5G terminals. The results show that the network speed connected to the satellite external network is stable and the download speed is high.

More press release can be found here: https://www.iplook.com/info/press-releases_c0004

Looking forward

We celebrate 2022 coming to an end with keeping an eye on these upcoming events taking place next year! IPLOOK invites you to participate in 2023 MWC-Barcelona from 27 February to 2 March, 2023.

The world of telecom is at an inflection point. IPLOOK will continue to seek innovations of access and opportunities to make our services and products more inclusive and helpful to enable new revenue streams for our customers.

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