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What's the future of 5G application implementation?

September 17, 2021 by IPLOOK
Recently, the Ministry of Industry and information Technology and relevant departments have published The future developing project of 5G Application (2021-2023), drawing heated public attention.

5G application

The situation of developing 5G in China
The publication of this project signs the turning point of developing 5G in china is the 5G application implementation in relevant industries rather than the construction of 5G network on a large scale (The amount of gNB is estimated over 1 million).

Actually, the process of 5G application implementation has already been impelled for about two years since the 5G license release. However, the development of 5G application implementation seems far away from our expectancy.

So what’s the future of 5G application implementation? How to boost its development effectively?

The key to the 5G application implementation -- standardized and large-scale deployment
In China, we succeeded in implementing 5G commercial application cases in several fields, which brings high efficiency, cost reduction and great return for enterprises.
However, this successful cases can only prove that the 5G is potential and can be successfully implemented with huge reward. To achieve the goal of overall success of 5G, most of the enterprises should implement 5G actual application successfully. 

Therefore, the key to the success of 5G is how to lower the barrier of 5G technology and invested capital, which enables more enterprises to have the opportunities to develop 5G. Moreover, all parts of 5G application implementation should be standardized for large-scale deployment by industry partners.

5G implementation

What’s the difficulties of 5G application implementation?
Digital transformation is a significant goal in our nation. Under this circumstance, it is essential for enterprises to develop 5G.
As the core rule of a 5G implementation project, enterprises should clearly know whether they have enough capability to deploy 5G implementation such as technology talents, invested capital, commercial mode and so on factors.
In a word, enterprises should draw up a long-term plan to ensure they can make progress in 5G implementation step by step.

To be honest, some operators have difficulties in promoting the 5G application implementation. 5G is a emerging and professional technology, which leads to the lack of experienced talents. What’s more, operators are still on the preliminary stage of transforming from toC to toB business, which means they should attempt to explore the new commercial mode, services and other areas.

3.Equipment vendors ( 5G digital transformation software, hardware and solution providers)
For the equipment vendors, the needed requirement is to lower the technology barrier, enhance the maturity of their technology and adjust appropriate price, which can drive more customers to choose them.

In the procedure of developing 5G application implementation, the responsibility of government is to set out the rules and standards in telecom industry and help promote the positive development of the whole industry.

All in all, the overall success of 5G should be promoted by all roles in telecom industry.
As a part of digital transformation, 5G should not be only focused on its outcome. We should care about this attempted progress. 
Mistakes and attempts make progress. The outburst of 5G+AIoT application implementation may come in the future five to ten years.
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