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How do enterprises start up 5G digital transformation?

As we all know, 5G digital transformation is the megatrend today. But how do enterprises activate the potential of 5G? How to realize actual commercial benefits with 5G?

Before we discuss about the strategies, we should focus on the basis at first: using 5G will be better than 4G when using 4G in WWAN (Wireless Wide Area Network) applications has great performance; and 5G is feasible in applications which 4G can not be operated.
Actually, there are three frequency bands need to be noticed: 4GLTE、Sub-6GHz and mmWave. With their own characteristics, they all have their pros and cons. The band with high propagation has low performance, while the band with low propagation has better performance. Therefore, before the promotion of 5G, enterprises should clearly know the characteristics of each frequency band.
Based on above information, let’s focus on the strategies to motivate the innovation of 5G. 

In general, enterprises can resort to five strategies to start up 5G transformation, which is able to help them explore higher flexibility and develop the business with wide-range users.

1.Breakdown switching strategy
Wireless breakdown switching is crucial for the enterprises which operate their services with external connection, such as POS system and staff system. These systems are all depends on WAN connection.
Basically, this strategy creates diverse ways for high-availability and builds a solid foundation for WAN transmission.

2.Bandwidth increasing strategy 
It’s a perfect and flexible option for the sites needed more bandwidth and diverse breakdown switching paths. For the enterprises using wired connection and wireless connection at the same time, it is possible to build wireless links and distribute the links based on the throughput, or bind up with SD-WAN solution effectively.

3.Major wireless strategy
For the enterprises needed full flexibility of wireless WAN and 5G functions, the major wireless strategy is a practical solution. The oriented customers are the enterprises or institutions owning substantial share nationwide which are expanding with unstable location.

4.IoT Strategy
With the integration of cloud platform, IoT, AI (Artificial Intelligence) and other technologies, digital transformation will bring more opportunities for most of the enterprises. For example, public services, retail and manufacture industry; these industries need to be promoted with a coherent and proactive connection strategy. 
Meanwhile, robots can handle more and more missions in factories. In this working process, robots need to be wireless for the whole operation. Also, they requires the stability of preventing Wi-Fi from the transmission disturbance. 
In this aspect, 5G is a perfect choice. It can be also integrated with mobile edge computing solution.

5.Mobility strategy
Flexible 5G mobility strategies is very suitable for the environments with multiple mobile applications. It can provide expanded services for customers and subscribers.
5G can make innovative influence on the mobile services such as emergency services. For example, the videos recorded by the police cars can be uploaded in real time with 5G technology. It will be finally enhance the security of the whole society.

By planning clear roadmap for your services objectives and relevant technologies, you are able to deploy the most effective 5G deployment strategy.
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Tell us your business needs, and we' ll find the perfect solution.
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