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Everything You Need to Know about eSIM

What is eSIM?

What is an eSIM?

Embedded-SIM (eSIM) is an embedded universal integrated circuit card, being soldered or integrated directly into the devices by OEMs. It delivers the same functions as legacy SIM cards, and often, far better.

What changes would be brought by eSIMs?

eSIMs came into existence to take away all the hassle associated with researching, picking up, and activating a local SIM card while traveling or exchanging. As an intelligent innovation, eSIMs support remote configuration by the Over-the-Air (OTA) technology. In this way, subscribers can easily switch between different local operators’ networks and activate a new subscription plan by interoperating with terminals in a flash, no matter where they are.
Evolvement of SIMs

What are the benefits of eSIMs?

According to Counterpoint's latest eSIM Device Market Outlook report, more than 14 billion eSIM devices will be shipped between 2021 and 2030. It’s increasingly more common to find that phones are equipped with eSIM cards rather than physical SIM cards. But what exactly are the benefits of eSIMs?

· For device OEMs:
1. Spark a thinner, smaller device design
2. Solve the problem of poor connectivity
3. Simplify the design of devices by removing the physical SIM tray
4. Enhance the performances of devices

· For operators:
1. Acquire new subscribers through digital channels
2. Achieve the automation of selection, configuration and onboarding
3. Customize connectivity or payment upon request with remote configuration
4. Eliminate logistics and storage costs for delivering physical SIM cards
5. Encourage healthy competition among operators and improve subscription efficiency

· For subscribers: 
1. Provide greater security
2. Improve user satisfaction by simplifying the process
3. Digitalize the process of acquisition and delivery for subscribers and increase client satisfaction. Subscribers can equip eSIMs and connect to the local network by an approachable process, such as scanning QR codes, downloading APPs on their terminals.

The applications of eSIMs

In the near future, eSIMs may be applied in all vertical industries such as V2X, logistics, public services, manufacturing, etc. Specifically in the Internet of Things (IoT) market.

A professional organization forecasts that the connected devices of global Machine to Machine (M2M) will be over 30 billion. The eSIM technology makes it simpler to integrate cellular connectivity into a variety of devices, which may be an attractive opportunity for operators.

IPLOOK: Opportunities with eSIMs

As a fairly new technology, eSIMs make connecting simpler, and offer features that were never been invented before. Subscribers would be automatically connected to the best wireless service wherever they were without any interruption.

IPLOOK MVNO solution helps operators overcome the difficulties of starting or upgrading the network infrastructure to meet eSIM requirements, enabling operators and enterprises to transform from "network-focused" to "customer experience-focused".

Looking forward to the future of fully exerting the potential of eSIMs!

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