IPLOOK 4G/5G Core Network

Virtualized 5GC, EPC and IMS


4G Vcore provider

vCore(vEPC) Overview

IPLOOK’s virtualized core solution provides a completed and integrated Evolved Packet Core(EPC) solution that works together on a single, virtual hardware instance for better performance, scalability, and lower cost. The vCore solution features fully-virtualized instance of each key Mobile Core function, including:3GPP-compliant Serving Gateway(SGW), PDN Gateway(PGW), Mobile Entity Management(MME), and Home Subscriber Sever(HSS) functions with broad support for external networks; Policy Control(PCRF) that feature dynamic policy enforcement, real-time charging, and a multitude of revenue-generating services are all vitualized. With IPLOOK’s virtualized Core solution, mobile network operators and MVNOs can quickly build their 4G networks using a single, virtualized, feature-rich, high-performance platform.


1. Simplifed operation and management. By consolidating multiple network functions on a single platform, IPLOOK virtualized Core solution can operation more efficiently by performing tasks, such as deep packet inspection and metadata collection,  only once in the network and sharing the results across the network.

2. Unique value-Added Services

Service chaining across multiple network functions, policies, and service creates the opportunity for unique value-added services in the network.These unique services include:video and web optimization, carrier grade NAT,per-subscriber firewall support, and content filtering(e.g., parental control)

3.Service Workflow Orchestration enables operators to create and launch customize multi-service offerings in days(and not months)

4.Support WiFi calling services, and EPC to WiFi integration(also known as “Heterogeneous Network”or “Het Nets”)

5.Virtual machines are completely compatible with all standard next generation Intel processors, applications and device drivers, so you can use a virtual machine to run all applications that you would run on a server based computing platform.

6.Processing scalability supporting 1,000 to 1,000,000 subscribers, scalable from 500 to 50,000 sessions, third party application support, multi-server architecture, geo-redundancy options

Application Cases

1. 5G core(5GC) network deployment which needs optimized network and simplified operation or management.

2. Extending operator’s reach through secure access to trusted and untrusted WiFi networks.

Standard Deployment

The IPLOOK vCore has a main system of vEPC+vIMS+vPCRF. The network elements with different capacity are deployed on virtual machines which are based on a single and high performance hardware. While virtual machines can share the physical resources of a single computer, they remain completely isolated from each other as if they were separate physical machines. According to the unique service needs, the special network can be deployed on the virtual machines. 

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