IPLOOK 4G/5G Core Network

Virtualized 5GC, EPC and IMS

Distributed Core

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Distributed Core Overview

Distributed Core is the way in which LTE core network is deployed in several regions. It saves CAPEX and OPEX for operators and improves the coverage in the mean time. The whole EPC and IMS system can be deployed in every region. However, IPLOOK can provide more customized network architecture according to the personal needs. Only some network elements like XGW,P-CSCF, MGW are deployed in the peripheral regions and the NEs in charge of signaling and authentication are concentrated on the central site.


1.High level network coverage and saving deployment expense

2.Reducing the delay and improve user experience

3.Excellent reliability and stability, so the effect of communication failure can be decreased.

Application Cases

1. When the users are distributed in different regions, operators need to adopt distributed deployment to cover all the subscribers and save CAPEX and OPEX.

2. In order to improve the scalability of core network, distributed core is needed

Standard Deployment

Commonly, MME/HSS/XGW/IMS/OCS/OMC/DNS/SMSC are deployed in central site, and XGW/P-CSCF are distributed in the peripheral regions. So, the costs can be saved while all the users are covered.

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