IPLOOK 4G/5G Core Network

Virtualized 5GC, EPC and IMS

Centralized Core

Core Network vendor

Centralized Core Overview

Centralized Core is a deployment mode of IPLOOK core network. All the network elements are deployed over one central site, usually in one equipment room. Through optical fiber, all the eNodeBs are connected into the equipment room to solve the telecommunication support to one region.

Application Cases

1.The deployment of private network.

2.The region where its subscribers are deployed in  one place.

3.The core network which is used for testing.


1.Better management efficiency. All the signal and data flow are focused in one equipment room, so the management and monitoring over subscribers will be easier.

2. The coverage challenge can be a problem of centralized core. Usually, centralized core are deployed in the region in which its users are concentrated. If the users are distributed in the region, centralized core will be a difficulty in wiring. Additionally, the delay and the deployment cost are increased.

Standard Deployment

Centralized deployment includes EPC+IMS+HSS commonly. All the network elements are deployed in central site with 4G data service and VoLTE functions

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