IPLOOK 4G/5G Core Network

Virtualized 5GC, EPC and IMS


4G core network vendor

MVNO Overview

As communication technologies keep innovating, the NB-IoT emerges. A differentiated business model is waiting to be found by telecom operators. It means the operators need some unique service and varied operating parameters. MVNO is seen as partners in growth and innovation by the telecom operators. IPLOOK's MVNO solution is software-driven, multi-protocol architecture and has a simplified deployment process, which enables the MVNOs can focus their efforts on the challenges of their business.


1. IPLOOK's MVNO solution is complete end-to-end and modular solution. The storage and control of the subscriber profiles are provided by IPLOOK MVNO telecom solution.

2. IPLOOK's integrated system approach provides the ease of single platform deployment, management, and support. A MVNO system can optionally be configured to support a range of services such as text messaging, prepaid, alternative call routing and enterprise roaming services.

3. Solution components can be distributed or integrated in a single system based on the operator’s business model

4. Quick deployment to save money and time for you

Application Cases

MVNO, Mobile Virtual Network Operator, provides mobile network services to clients with radio network of other operators. MVNOs don' t build their own radio network and only has their core network which takes charge of storage and communication functions. IPLOOK enables MVNOs to become light MVNO(with HSS/HLR,BOSS), full MVNO(with more like, STP, DRA, GTP- Router, PGW/GGSN, PCRF, SMSC/USSD) and MOCN operator(with more like MME, SGW, SGSN, MSC, GMSC). 

As a leading core network provider,  IPLOOK can provide the cheapest MVNO solution with unlimited per-site license presents great business opportunities for mobile operators especially in Africa(Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa etc) and Europe(Italy, Netherlands, UK, France etc).

Standard Deployment

To start a MVNO, IPLOOK recommends the system with HLR/HSS+GGSN/PGW+BOSS for MVNOs. Through S6a and S5 interface, HSS and PGW can connect to infrastructure operators. As a result, MVNOs can control user data and build their own charging systems. Additionally, IPLOOK's flexible MVNO solution can be deployed on X86 sever and cloud computing platform. So, vEPC or vCore will be deployed to reduce investment.

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