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International Data Roaming

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International Data Roaming Overview

In order to solve international data roaming problem, a S8 interface is needed to connect visitor SGW and home PGW. However, the delay and cost are higher in this way. IPLOOK will give you another solution for international data roaming-deploying a vPGW in visitor network. The solution will cut the expenses which are payed to build the network. The costs of users can also be decreased as a result.


1.Reducing delays of network

2.Cutting down the expenses of building network

3.Virtualized deployment can be adopted over PGW

Application Cases

For operators who want to extend their overseas business, IPLOOK can provide a solution for them. Users data service request dont need  to travel back to home, instead, they can use the local internet at abroad.

Standard deployment

In order to provide data services at abroad, a vPGW of home MNO will be deployed in other countries so that it can distribute an IP to user equipment on the visitor internet. The vPGW connects with SGW of visitor MNO through S5 interface and it communicates directly with the visitor internet. 

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