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Applications of MEC Products in 4G/5G Network

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  • May 18, 2018

MEC (Mobile Edge Computing), which is proposed by ETSI (European Telecommunications Standards Institute), is a technology which is based on 5G evolution architecture and deeply integrates mobile access network with internet services. MEC can utilize wireless access network to provide services and cloud computing functions for telecom users nearby. Besides, MEC can create a telecom-grade service environment with high performance, low latency and high bandwidth with high rapid download of various contents, services and applications in the network, which could enable consumers to enjoy uninterrupted high-quality network experience.

IPLOOK, as a high and new tech enterprise in China, has developed its MEC product in the application of 4G and evolution of 5G.

The following is the information of basic functions of MEC product

Integrating UPF function and achieving data plane of GW sinking. It enables data fall back locally.

UPF and MEC deployment based on Kubernetes's virtualized container platform. Container techniques adopt Docker.

MEC provides APP registration and distribution functions, routing functions, etc.

UPF and MEC both adopt DPDK acceleration technology to achieve the high speed and low latency between the user and the APP.

Our products have its own strengths as following

With 4G EPC/IMS product Line, IPLOOK gains a deep understanding of 4G/5G network.

All of the elements of EPC/IMS are deployed virtually, which support KVM/VMware/Openstack platform.

Over the virtualized platform, the system delay is less than 1ms by using DPDK acceleration technology. Single server data plane processing performance can reach 16Mbps.

IPLOOK billing interface are standard, which support Radius/CDR billing.

IPLOOK, a rich experienced vendor of core network, has cooperation with many small operators abroad with distributed deployment way.

The following is the 4G network architecture of MEC local breakout GW solution

4G MEC breakout GW solution

The MEC solution is based on 5G network architecture. For the 5G standard, a MEC product based on the 5G architecture will be launched this year. The product includes GW UP and the basic functions of MEC.

The system network diagram is as following

5G MEC system diagram

The application scenarios of 4G solution are large entertainment place and shopping center. It will change the user’s habit of using data and bring operators massive benefit of data. The MEC platform is deployed near the edge network to provide users with low latency, high-bandwidth local connections and transmission capabilities. Those strengths can well meet the requirements of some vertical industries such as government, enterprises, shopping malls, and campuses. Currently, IPLOOK has extensive cooperation in MEC with Guangdong Chaoxu/Shenzhen Xingyao/HPE and are deployed in many cities for China Mobile in Guangdong province.

About the MEC long term evolution, we need to build unified MEC platform firstly. Then in 4G network currently, adopting breakout Gateway to complete the connection with MEC platform. And in future 5G network, GW-UP sink near MEC platform to upgrade smoothly.