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Android creator Andy Rubin launches Essential Phone

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  • Jimmy at
  • February 28, 2020


Android creator Andy Rubin launches Essential Phone

   Andy Rubin who was one of the creators of Google's Android software has launched a new smartphone- the Essential Phone. Mr. Rubin was one of the employees before 2014. But then, he left Google and established his own company-Playground. Essential is one of Playground's funding company. The Essential Phone is its first product. This new smart phone is based on Android operating system and sells by $699. However, some expert estimated that it would be very difficult for the Essential Phone to be excepted by public. There are already so many famous brand like Samsung, Apple and HUAWEI in China. Besides, compared with these famous brand, the Essential Phone doesn't share any advantage on price. But Mr. Rubin believes that there is space in Android market for another big brand. The Essential aims at becoming a big brand in Mobile phone market.3