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What can SDN/NFV bring to 5G?

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  • Jimmy at
  • April 14, 2018

what is SDN ?

SDNSoftware Defined Networkis a new type of network innovation architecture of Emulex network. It is an implementation way of network virtualization. Its core technology OpenFlow achieves the flexible control of network traffic by separating the control plane and data plane of network equipment.

what is NFV ?

NFV (Network Function Virtualization) bears software processing of many functions through the use of x86 and other common hardware and virtualization technology. It makes the cost of expensive network equipment reduces. By decoupling hardware-software and abstracting functional , the network device function is no longer dependent on dedicated hardware and the resources can be fully flexible sharing. Based on the actual service needs, automatic deployment, flexible management ,fault isolation and self-healing are going to be achieved.

what can SDN/NFV bring to 5G?

1) Promote industrialization process.

2) Easier connection between things.

3) Virtual scene is closer to reality.

 4) Drastic increasing of mobile data flow.

In the future, SDN / NFV technology will make complex 5G core network architecture more coordinated.