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3GPP R16 release

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  • Jimmy at
  • July 09, 2020

3GPP TSG e-meeting finally determined 3GPP 5g release-16 function and ASN. 1 freeze, and will officially release R16 series technical specifications after the meeting.


The completion and release of rel-16 standard means that manufacturers can develop and manufacture corresponding products according to the version, further enrich the application scenarios of 5g technology, and further accelerate the process of global 5g network deployment. At the same time, 3GPP has launched the research work of rel-17 technical standard, and preliminarily planned the main technical features and schedule of rel-17, and continued to enhance and evolve the existing version of the standard.


3GPP (Third Generation Partnership Project), founded in 1998, is the world's largest international standard organization for the communication industry. In the past two decades, 3GPP has become the leading standardization organization leading the development of global communication industry. Especially in the 5g era, 3GPP's influence has been further highlighted.


3GPP is divided into three technical specification groups (TSG), and each TSG is divided into several working groups. Each technical specification group and working group has a chairman and vice chairman. They are elected from the member companies of 3GPP. They must be objective and neutral and work on behalf of 3GPP. Main responsibilities include: overall management / progress of technical work within the team, management of meeting schedule according to individual member's proposal, and ensuring compliance with 3GPP workflow and policies. Being able to be elected to the management position successfully indicates the recognition of the strength and position of the company represented by the candidate in the research and development of technical standards and the positive investment and contribution of the company represented by the elected person to 3GPP.


Because the whole 5g standardization process is more urgent than before, rel-15, as the first version of 5g, still has some imperfections, especially the maturity guarantee of terminal network access business is not enough. The newly completed rel-16 standard includes both enhancements and revisions. Many of them are also critical to current network deployment: for example, EPS Voice Fallback and NR-ENDC handover related enhancement features, the related terminal test standard work has also been carried out in advance, which is expected to be completed earlier than the overall test standard version of rel-16, and may be applied to the network access test of 5g commercial terminals according to the network layout of operators, so as to further guarantee the quality of commercial chips / terminals, improve the interoperability of commercial networks and improve users Experience.