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Moments of MVNOs World Congress 2018

Brief Description

The MVNOs World Congress is a global MVNO conference. It is the 17th this year, held in Madrid, the capital of Spain. It is the first time for IPLOOK to participate in this congress. The Congress are much better than expected. Europe is the most active area of MVNO. Each major Telecom operator has its own MVNO brand. These are very valuable samples for analyzing. And participants from ITU, other foreign countries and regions share their opinions. Some views are really remarkable and refreshing.

mvnos world congress 2018


During the whole exhibition, we did not see any vendors brought HW devices, only software products and solutions, and service providers that provide cloud platforms. From the point of view of products and services, it mainly focuses on HLR/HSS, SMSC, BSS/OSS, OTT (VoIP APP and platform), SMS resources, and local voice resources.



From the perspective of regional distribution, Europe’s MVNOs is the most active, especially France, the United Kingdom, Spain, and Italy. At this Congress, MNOs such as Telefornica, T-Mobile, Vodafone, and Austria Telecom actively sought for cooperation. It is totally different from the situation in mainland of China.

MVNO regions

Business innovation

It is the common sense among all MVNOs that selling cards earns operators no profit, at least no huge profits. Everyone is talking about VAS. There are also companies that shared very constructive ideas at the congress, such as embedding tourist insurance of landing countries into local mobile phone cards. The diversification of VAS also puts forward new requirements for BSS/OSS vendors. Apart from billing and reconciliation, how to connect to various Internet services?

The value of MVNOs World Congress

When we review the four-day experience of MVNOs World Congress 2018, the most valuable part of the congress is not the exhibition, but to provide an occasion for acquaintances to communicate. Most of the participants came with clear aims and requirements. The organizers arranged Presentation, Networking, and Party to effectively identify and capture their potential partners.For IPLOOK, It is the first time we take part in the congress, but won’t be the last time.

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