IPLOOK 4G/5G Core Network

Virtualized 5GC, EPC and IMS

IPLOOK was Invited to Attend Connect Asia

IPLOOK was invited to attend Connect Asia in Shanghai in late June.


IPLOOK is a high-tech company that provides core network products and services. We have gained rich experience in its development and practice in recent years. IPLOOK's core network products mainly include EPC / IMS / NB - IoT core and MEC GW, etc. Besides, we can provide MVNO with the joint HLR and HSS, as well as PGW and GGSN, which provide 4G services while being compatible with 3G.

Meanwhile, IPLOOK offers solutions such as NB-IoT / eMTC and WiFi calling. It coincides with the Connect Asia. I hope to develop friendship and explore opportunities with MVNOs both at home and abroad to seek common development.


Connect Asia will bring together top leaders of international telecommunication enterprises. During this salon banquet, international telecommunication colleagues will communicate and discuss with each other. The salon banquet will be held in the north-south hall on the 93rd floor of Shanghai's Park Hyatt hotel. the reception invites domestic and foreign telecom operators, virtual operator, OEMs, OTA and so on. It is a grand MVNO exchanging and communicating feast at home and abroad. At that time, the participants will introduce the market trend of operators, the market trend of cloud communication, the future trend of AI and the role of MVNO in IoT era.


By participating in this evening party, IPLOOK is honored to take this chance to discuss and exchange ideas with virtual businessmen at home and abroad. At the grand party, IPLOOK aims to find MVNO partners at home and abroad to jointly seek the development path of 5G new era based on 4G development. Experts attending this reception are quite welcome to come and guide us.


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