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2019 MVNO&VAS World Congress - IPLOOK

As the "2019 MVNO&VAS World Congress " held in Beijing recently, Jarod Wang, VP of IPLOOK Networks Co., Ltd, in an exclusive interview with C114, said that underlying connectivity is an important direction if domestic MVNOs want their products to go to the international market.

Jarod Wang believes that the value of MVNO as a device manufacturer is not simply the provision of hardware or software, but the ability to use technology to help MVNOs gain differentiation. The core of this capability, whether for individual consumers or for all types of devices in the Internet of Things, is essentially "connected".

“From the end of last year to the beginning of this year, IPLOOK has made a series of attempts in the MVNOs market to adapt to the business needs of customers. We are thinking more about how to help MVNOs at home and abroad to further improve the connectivity they have acquired,”as Jarod Wang said, this type of thinking includes the following dimensions:

First, help MVNOs who play the role of MVNE to connect with more mobile operators, so that they have better resources, better bargaining power, and can carry out more business. Secondly, help virtual businesses to better connect downstream customers. Further refinement and in-depth exploration of the needs of end users and industries, directly targeting the precise needs of customers.

In the second dimension, Jarod Wang introduced the importance of the underlying connectivity in the field of Vehicle networking: Any car factory or vehicle operation company wants to have a global 7 x 24-hour connection capability for the vehicles it manages. Nowadays, the vehicle has built-in hundreds or more sensors, as well as dozens of control units, how to return the obtained data information to the unified control center in time, which puts forward higher requirements for the underlying connection ability.


"over the past year or so, IPLOOK has helped overseas MVNO build a complete MVNE platform based on NFV architecture, as well as a domestic MVNO to build a car networking platform, in addition to providing number cards. It can also provide visual connection management capabilities for mobile phones, MiFi, and Internet of things devices operating globally from a control center and an operations center. "Jarod Wang said that different devices have OTA capabilities in different corners of the world. And further eSIM capabilities before you can really get an optimal local connection quality and tariff level.

In addition, in view of the problem of TSP, in the relationship between MVNO and car depots and terminal manufacturers, Jarod Wang believes that MVNO plays the role of an integrator and can play a bridge role in addition to obtaining number card resources from mobile operators. To connect the car depot and equipment manufacturers, from the mobile operators to further integrate and optimize the resources, seamless docking of the enterprise's production system. " This is the value that we think MVNO can reflect in the future, and it is also a trend.

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