IPLOOK 4G/5G Core Network

Virtualized 5GC, EPC and IMS

Narrow Band Internet of things- NB-IoT


NB-IoT/eMTC is one solution of IoT which focuse on connection of things. It one part of the 5th generation of communication system.

  • ① :

    Deep Coverage

  • ② :

    Massive Connections

  • ③ :

    Low Power Consumption

1 The basic network diagram of IPLOOK’s NB-IoT/eMTC solution


2 EPC and NB-IoT/eMTC product strategy

2.1 Deployment strategy

Compact Deployment

As is shown in the figure, Compact Deployment integrates almost all the network elements in one IPC(Industrial Personal Computer), including MME, SGW, PGW and HSS. The management and maintenance are much easier than traditional way.


 Virtualized Deployment

As is shown in the figure, virtualized Deployment takes use of general x86 server as the platform. The function can be NFV element and deployed in the data center. Or, the network elements can be directly deployed on the X86 server to reduce the CAPEX. In Addition, IPLOOK could deployall the network elements into one sever like compact Deployment, and could also deploy every different network elements into different severs, according to custom’s personal needs.


Standard Carrier Grade Deployment

As is shown in the figure, Standard Carrier Grade EPC uses the ATCA chassis as the hardware platform. The MME/SGW/PGW/HSS can be stand-alone or integrated in one chassis according to the capacity requirement.



3 NB-IoT/eMTC Feature Lists

3.1 Terminals Power Saving Management

Extended periodic timer

PSM mode

NB-IoT eDRX parameter

3.2 Data Transmission Optimization

CP-CIoT for Control Plane Optimization

UP-CIoT for User Plane Optimization

Non- IP transmission

3.3 Recommended Cells and eNBs for Paging to Enhance Coverage Level

3.4 Overload control

Signaling block control based on UE Back-off Timer

APN block control based on PGW Back-off Timer

3.5 Rate Control

Terminals’ access rate control based on APN

Terminals’ access rate control based on PLMN

4 IPLOOK’s EPC roadmap

EPC roadmap 

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