IPLOOK 4G/5G Core Network

Virtualized 5GC, EPC and IMS

Mobility management entity, vMME, IPLOOK Network


The Mobility Management Entity (MME) represents the control plane for the User Equipments(UEs) to access the 4G LTE, or EPS network. Carrier Grade MME can be NFV element.

  • Users :

    Up to 50,000 subscribers per server supported

  • eNodeBs :

    Up to 250 eNodeBs per server supported

  • Hardware :

    2 x Intel E5-2650 v3 10 cores/2.3GHz/32G RAM/2x500G HDD Raid 1/4 x 1G NIC

  • Standard :

    3GPP R14 release

  • Interfaces :


2 Product overview

IPLOOK Mobile Management Entity(MME) deals with the signaling plane and completes the authentication with HSS. Carrier Grade MME adopts x86 architecture server or ATCA chassis as the platform. The MME function can be NFV element and deployed in the data center. The MME application can also be directly deployed in a server to make full use of the hardware capability.

2 Performance

Up to 50,000 subscribers per server supported.

Up to 250 eNodeBs per server supported.

Support redundancy deployment.

2 Feature List


Feature Details

Access Control



GUTI allocation function

User equipment identification function

AS security context distributed function

Confidentiality and integrity protection of the NAS signaling

3G security parameters and EPC security context mapping function

Admission control

on the capacity of system

on the CPU and Memory resource consumption

Mobility management functions

State model





Tracking area management

Tracking area update

Paging and service request

Purge UE

Access Restriction function

Multi-PDN connection

ODB function

Session Management

EPS bearer activation

EPS bearer modification

EPS bearer deactivation

UE AMBR management

Selection Function

PDN GW selection

Serving GW selection

MME selection function

SGSN selection function

Network management function

MME Pool function with Load balancing between MMEs

Overload control

APN correction Function

Interface conform to 3GPP standard, Conform to 3GPP R10 release


Between eNodeB and MME


Between MME and HSS


Between EIR and MME


Between MME and SGW; transmit signal of Control Plate


Connect the MME Pool


Between MME and SGSN


Between MME and MSC; handling the CSFB process

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