IPLOOK 4G/5G Core Network

Virtualized 5GC, EPC and IMS

VoLTE solution, IMS system, Virtual IMS


IMS provides IP multimedia services to customers,including voice call, video call(VoLTE) and messages. The IMS products offer a stabler voice and video call than 2G/3G core network.

  • Users :

    Up to 20,000 subscribers with 3 servers

  • Sessions :

    Up to 1024 simultaneously with 3 servers

  • Hardware :

    2x Intel E5-2650 v3 10 cores/2.3GHz/32G RAM/2x500G HDD Raid 1/ 4 x 1G NIC

  • Interfaces :

    Rx/ENUM/Sh/ISC/Gm/Cx/Dx /Mg/Mj/SNMP/Ro/Rf

  • Standard :

    3GPP R14 release

2 Product Introduction

IP Multimedia Subsystem(IMS) is a standalone system. It resides out of the LTE network and connected to PDN Gateway through SGi interface. Through IMS core, the operators can provide VoLTE(Voice over LTE) service to its users. VoLTE functions offer a stabler voice and video call than 2G/3G core network. The IMS system offers Virtualized platform deployment to reduce CAPEX, using x86 standard server with linux 64-bit platform. The IMS network element can also be directly deployed into one sever or separated into different servers, and multiple same elements are deployed to support big capacity. 

IPLOOK VoLTE and IMS solution combines IPLOOK IMS service functionality with the ability to securely and intelligently route high volumes of Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) and Diameter traffic together with media processing and transcoding at both the core and the edge of the network.

2 Performance

Sessions: Up to 1024 simultaneously with 3 servers

Users: Up to 20000 subscribers with 3 servers

Support redundancy deployment

2 Feature List


Feature Details

Main functions of S-CSCF network element

To handle registration requests by acting as a registrar as defined in [RFC3261].

To authenticate users by means of the IMS Authentication and Key Agreement (AKA) schema.

To download user information and service profile from the HSS during registration or when handling a request to an unregistered user.

To route mobile-terminating traffic to the P-CSCF and to route mobile originated traffic to the I-CSCF, the Breakout Gateway Control Function (BGCF) or the application server (AS).

To Enhance iFC Handling

To interact with RCS

To Send SIP OPTIONS for remote peer availability

To translate an E.I64 number to a SIP universal resource identifier (URI) using a domain name system (DNS) translation mechanism

To send accounting-related information to the CCF for offline charging purposes and to the Online Charging System

Main functions OF BGCF network element

With integrated BGCF, processing requests for routing from an S-CSCF when the S-CSCF has determined that the session cannot be routed using DNS or ENUM/DNS.

Processing the interworking with the PSTN/CS Domain, when the BGCF has determined that a breakout should occur in the same IMS network to send SIP message from BGCF to MGCF

Main functions of  I-CSCF network element

To allow detection of an INVITE request addressed to a special address, triggering the Cx LIR query to use the IMPU from the P-Asserted-Identity header.

To modify the Request-URI type, e.g. from TEL URI or SIP URI to SIP URI with user=phone.

First Point of Entry (From P-CSCF in home network or From P-CSCF in visited network)

S-CSCF Assignment by selection based on assignment in HSS

Main functions of P-CSCF/SBC network element

3GPP R10 compliant Proxy-CSCF (P-CSCF) function

Support for Gm, Mw, Rx, Rf/Ro interfaces

Voice Quality Enhancements (VQE)

Security support, IPsec for SIP, etc.

Main functions of IPLOOK AS network element

Emergency call, IM, Presence.

Group call, messaging.

Conference service.

Other Supplement service.

Calling line Identification Presentation

Calling Line Identification Restriction

Call Forwarding Unconditional

Call Forwarding on Mobile Subscriber Busy

Call Forwarding on No Reply

Call Forwarding on Mobile Subscriber Not Reachable

Call Wait

Call Hold

Operator Determined Barring

IPLOOK IMS products support these  interfaces

Rx interface

Between PCRF and P-CSCF for QoS control.

ENUM interface

Between S-CSCF and ENUM-DNS server for Tel URI to SIP URI conversion.

Sh interface

Between AS and HSS – used for IMS user profile management

ISC interface

Between AS and CSCFs – standard IMS interfaces

Gm interface

Between SBC/P-CSCF and UE (via EPC/PGW)

Cx/Dx interface

Between CSCF and HSS

Mg/Mj interface

Between CSCF and MGCF for PSTN-IMS interconnect

SNMP interface

Towards Network Management System

Ro interface

Between CSCFs and IN/OCS – used for pre-paid service charging

Rf interface

Between CSCFs and CCF – used for post-paid service charging

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