IPLOOK 4G/5G Core Network

Virtualized 5GC, EPC and IMS

HLR HSS,3G/4G Subscribers storage, IPLOOK Network


IPLOOK HSS includes EPC and IMS storge functions. It features distributed structure and modular design, and supports many reliability functions.

  • Users :

    Up to 200,000 subscribers with 2 servers

  • Hardware :

    2x Intel E5-2650 v3 10 cores、2.3GHz、16G RAM /2x500G HDD Raid 1/ 4 x 1G NIC

  • Standard :

    3GPP R14 release

  • Interfaces :


  • Functions :

    EPS&IMS subscriber Data Management

2 Product Introduction

Home Subscriber Storage(HSS) takes charge of  the storage of user data. All of the subscribers registration information should be stored in HSS. IPLOOK HSS adopts x86 architecture double server as the platform. The HSS function can be NFV element and deployed in the data center. The HSS application can also be directly deployed on the server to make full use of the hardware capability. 

2 Performance

Up to 200,000 subscribers with 2 servers.

Support redundancy deployment.

Support both EPC and IMS system.

2 Feature List


Feature Details

EPS subscriber Data Management

Create a Subscriber

Delete a Subscriber

Define and Manage a subscriber’s templates

Modify a subscriber

Authentication Center

EPS-AKA function

KI/OP/OPC management

Mobility Management

LTE subscriber mobility management

UE reachable management

Subscriber area roaming restriction

Local Breakout for Roaming

Admission control with Access Type

IMS HSS subscriber data management

Interface conform to 3GPP standard, Conform to 3GPP R10 release


Between MME and HSS


Between CSCF and HSS

Distributed System

High Reliability

Smoothly Expansion


HSS Connection Module


HSS Subscriber Control


Data service Module


Operation Management Module


Data Management Module

Multi-level backup mechanism

Level 1

2N or N+1 redundancy solutions are applied in backup user data stored in cache. The user data from the main unit will be synchronized to the backup unit in real time.

Level 2

Database backup mode using 1+1 redundancy mode.

Level 3

The data is saved to a disk array in  RAID10 mode

Operation and Management

Web Client

OMC Client

Command Line Interface

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