IPLOOK 4G/5G Core Network

Virtualized 5GC, EPC and IMS

Evolved Packet Core, Virtual EPC, 4G network solution


IPLOOK EPC provides a fully integrated, flexible, high performance, highly-scalable and cost-effective LTE mobility platform, which includes MME, HSS/HLR, SGW and PGW.

  • Users :

    Up to 200,000 online subscribers with 2 servers

  • eNodeBs :

    Up to 500 sets

  • Hardware :

    2 x 10 cores, 2.3GHz CPU; 32G RAM; 2x500G HDD Raid 1; 4 x 1G NIC

  • Standard :

    3GPP R14 release

♦ EPC overview

As a leading LTE service provider, IPLOOK’s cloud-native virtual evolved packet core (vEPC) provides a fully integrated, flexible, high performance, highly-scalable and cost-effective LTE NFV/SDN-based mobility platform. Our vEPC enables MME, HSS/HLR, SGW, PGW and PCRF 4G mobile packet core network functions on any network.

EPC architecture

IPLOOK’s virtualized EPC has completed interoperability testing with most radio vendors at home and abroad, providing great compatibility. With its user friendly interface and seamless integration, our vEPC can be deployed in a varied number of situations to better meet your needs: M2M, Private LTE networks, Fixed Wireless, and Evolution to 5G.

♦ M2M

• For Smart cities, like metering, sharing bicycle, Asset's location etc.

• With C-SGN(ehanced MME, SGW, PGW), NB-IoT and eMTC features being supported.

♦ Private LTE network

▪ A private LTE network enable organizations to leverage, customize and dedicate LTE network capabilities for their own service requirements. 

• For mining communication, police communication, power grid and emergency public safety communications etc.

• With rich industrial network experiences and better customization capability, IPLOOK cloud native core network provides services: Data, VoLTE, VoNR, MCPTT, SMS.

♦ Fixed Wireless

Presently, CBRS spectrum represents a tremendous opportunity for organizations to leverage LTE for their wireless connectivity needs. IPLOOK provides a scalable end-to-end vEPC solution for CBRS fixed wireless broadband deployments with a focus on simplicity and a lower cost, as well as increase bandwidth and performance, improve reliability, and enhance the user experience.

♦ Smooth evolution from EPC to 5GC

We are dedicated to supporting you with a smooth core network evolution from EPC to 5GC. We help you to enter the market rapidly and affordably, enhance the feature and reduce the TCO(Total Cost of Ownership).

IPLOOK provides a solution that combines 3GPP network functions from EPC and 5GC architectures into a common cloud native software platform that supports 5G NR Stand-Alone (SA) and Non-Standalone (NSA), 4G, 3G and 2G accesses technologies.

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