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IPLOOK officially joined WISPA

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  • July 05, 2018

Wireless Internet Service Provider

IPLOOK officially joined WISPA as a supplier in June.

WISP, a wireless Internet service provider, provides reliable and convenient broadband access services for users in a certain area, such as mountains, schools, and commercial buildings. As the fastest-growing branch of the broadband access industry, wireless broadband access is being chased by entrepreneurs with its good revenue, rapid technological revolution, and multiple access technologies. At the same time, it can be quickly upgraded based on the existing wireless equipment, optical fibers, cables and other resources of the operators.

Today, WISP is mainly distributed in rural and suburban areas where cable broadband access is in poor revenue. Wireless broadband access has also greatly improved the digital isolation in these places.

There are mainly two types of wireless broadband access technologies, one is wireless broadband technologies such as MMDS, WiFi, WiBro, WiMAX, and MCWill technologies; the other is cellular mobile communication technology, which includes LTE. Earlier in 21th century, the most widely used is actually Wimax; LTE mobile communication is more of a cellular mobile communication system being used by mobile phones. But later, due to the emergence of HSDPA, LTE has also begun to be applied to broadband wireless access. Moreover, since LTE can use 2/3G spectrum resources, it has strong penetrating power and good coverage, so it is naturally superior than WiMAX.

As a global supplier of LTE core network, IPLOOK has participated in the WISP LTE camp as early as 2015, and has similar deployment experience in Southeast Asia and some Middle East countries. It is a good opportunity for both wireless broadband operators and IPLOOK, and wish to achieve win-win cooperation in the future.