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What is Multi-Access Edge Computing(MEC)?

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  • September 04, 2020

What is MEC?

Mobile communication has shifted from the initial communication between people to the communication between people and things to the communication between things. AR/VR, Internet of Things, industrial automation, unmanned driving and other services have been introduced in large numbers, bringing network requirements for high bandwidth, low latency, and large connections. New services have increasingly demanding requirements for bandwidth, delay, and security, and the centralized deployment of traditional cloud computing has been unable to meet service requirements. Multi-Access Edge Computing (MEC) is just such a powerful platform that can solve the problems of delay, congestion, and security in future networks. Edge computing will effectively integrate wireless networks and the Internet and provide cloud computing capabilities and wireless network capabilities at the edge of the wireless network. Application services and content are deployed at the local edge, which can reduce data transmission links, improve data security, reduce end-to-end delay, reduce bandwidth usage, and reduce power consumption.


  IPLOOK s MEC edge gateway is at the edge of the network to improve user service experience and reduce user delay.
  Transparent transmission of S1-MME interface messages
  Transparent transmission of public network service requests, no interference to public network users' normal service
  Analyze upstream packet (data plane)
  Get the destination IP and route according to the configuration. At the same time, the packet that needs to access the public network can be transparently transmitted to the SGW; for the local access, the GTP header is removed and forwarded to the local network
  Downstream packet encapsulation
  The downlink data of the core network can be transparently transmitted to the base station by the MEC gateway; for the data of the local network, the GTP header is encapsulated and forwarded to the base station.
  Radius/dedicated CDR billing


Key benefits

  Flexible and Simple networking

•  Easy to connect with the ISP

•  Self-Service Provisioning