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Rich PCRF Functions Diversify Marketing Strategy

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  • Jimmy at
  • March 20, 2020

IPLOOK PCRF functions

☞IPLOOK PCRF bring the functionality of the PCRF into the SAE domain. 

It  features distributed structure, modular design and supports many reliability  functions, including flexible strategy control ability, good integration of fixed and  mobile services, large capacity and high degree of integration, open data access  interface. 

Moreover, in-memory data management, multi-level data backup and  seamless geographic redundancy solution. The User Data and Server Process of  PCRF are separated to BE (End Back, subscriber data storage and operations) and  FE (End Front, process the signal and service logic).

❈ Function

▶ Dynamic Policy Control based on usage

▶ Dynamic Policy Control based on time perio

▶ Dynamic Policy Control based on Service area

▶ Dynamic Policy Control based on Terminal Type

▶ Dynamic Policy Control based on APN

❈ Hightlight

▶ Rich data, voice and SMS service

▶ Support group short number service for enterprise