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OTA Global SIM solution

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  • June 01, 2020

Global SIM Architecture

Global SIM with bootstrap IMSI + OTA(Over The Air) Technology

• The 1st IMSI can also play the role of a local mobile communication services

• The 2nd IMSI profile can be download via Remote SIM Provisioning Platform

•  Reusable

• Can purchase and download most suitable IMSI + Service Package per Trip

• Can support most mobile devices


OTA Work Flow of the Global SIM

• Produce SIM and preinstall a local MNO IMSI as the bootstrap IMSI

Report location by bootstrap IMSI when SIM arrived the Destination

Deliver the roaming IMSI profile via the RSP Platform –OTA

Switch mobile services to roaming IMSI and locate to roaming mobile network

OTA Global SIM


Benefits of Global SIM Solution

MNO can deliver the new Global SIM Card for new subscribers or subscribers replacing new SIM/handset

Rich Product Warehouse

MNO can provide more attractive service package to subscriber

Cost Saving

MNO can share high-quality Mobile Resource Pool with partner

MNO can have better cost structure on Roaming Data

Develop MVNO-like business

MNO can provide local-SIM-like product without delivering additional SIM card

Supported Physical SIM Specifications

SIM specifications