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IPLOOK launched first NB-IoT network

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  • Jimmy at
  • April 18, 2018

IPLOOK has commercially launched its Narrowband Internet of Things(NB-IoT), along with an operator grade billing and oss system. After IPLOOK completes IoT test with ZTE eNodeBs, it’s CEO officially declares that the first commercial version of NB-IoT core has been launched.

Tom LYU, CEO of IPLOOK, said:'the innovation of the internet of things means that there is an urgent need for a low-power way to connect thousands of devices. NB-IoT fits the bill perfectly.'

Our NB-IoT is a standards-base technology which is based on 3GPP release 14. Its functions are mainly listed bellow:

Terminals Power Saving Management

Extended periodic timer

Extended periodic timer


PSM mode


NB-IoT eDRX parameter

Data Transmission Optimization


CP-CIoT for Control Plane Optimization


UP-CIoT for User Plane Optimization

Non- IP transmission

Recommended Cells and eNBs for Paging to Enhance Coverage Level

Overload control

Signaling block control based on UE Back-off Timer

APN block control based on PGW Back-off Timer

Rate Control

Terminals’ access rate control based on APN

Terminals’ access rate control based on PLMN

IPLOOK plans to undertake proof-of concept trials in areas including smart lighting, smart lighting, smart parking and smart bins. If you have interests on our NB-IoT core or you want to see our trail, please leave us a message.