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  • July 06, 2018

Core Network diagram

Cases of educational projects

With the rapid development of China's economy, China's informationization process has also achieved remarkable development and progress. The emergence of information technology such as Internet of Things, cloud computing, 4G mobile communication, and intelligent optical transmission has set off a new industrial revolution. The rapid development of ICT has made information dissemination and access more convenient, and people are eager to enjoy it anytime, anywhere.  At the same time, the advent of the information era has also provided a opportunity for education. As the saying goes, it is better to teach people to fish than to give fish to people. The change brought by ICT to education is similar. In the informationized education platform, students  can explore and learn online, and can also communicate with your teacher in time. It can be said that informatization has brought a revolution to the education of the new era.

IPLOOK, as a small technological giant in Guangzhou, serves society and higher education and wish to promote the informationization of higher education.
LTE Wireless Experiment Network Solution for College of Information Science and Engineering in Hunan University

This LTE wireless experimental network project mainly uses the IKEPC100 product, which is a 4 in 1 with MME, SGW, PGW, and HSS network element. It can support a maximum number of base stations of 20 and a maximum number of users of 1000 and maximum throughput of 600Mbps~800Mps. In addition, we deployed the IK-SC1800A integrated base station and used the CPE whose type is IK-AO1800A to provide convenient and affordable multimedia service experiment operation equipment for the college of information science and engineering.

                University Core Network                 University Machine Room

Training Platform with SHIHUI Information

Focusing on LTE communication product principles and applications, network architecture, network planning and optimization, IPLOOK cooperates with SHIHUI Information to establish a unified experimental platform for teaching and research through integrating teaching, experiment and R&D functions, conducting research and application practice. To set up a unified platform for teaching and research that continuously matches the requirements of the industry. The platform system can simulate the  commercial LTE mobile communication network in real environment, including a end to end LTE network system consisting of wireless access, transmission, core network equipment, IMS system, data acquisition system and mainstream LTE terminal equipment. Realizing the interconnection of mobile network equipment, signaling analysis of LTE communication flow, principle application based on mobile terminal, research on physical layer protocol algorithm, research on protocol stack algorithm, encryption authentication mechanism, network protocol network optimization docking training and cultivation of secondary development abilities.

The cooperation between IPLOOK and Shihui Information is not only conducive to each other's development but also promotes the process of educational informationization. The cooperation relies on the R&D strength of the enterprise, and cooperates with the school in production, education and research to provide services for the laboratory construction, professors research and student curriculum design. Through the organization of relevant schools and enterprises experts to form a professional alliance, relying on the school's scientific research resources, the company's research and development resources and commercial resources, jointly invest in applied innovation research, and vigorously enhance scientific research capabilities and application value.
Based on the experiences of the existing network deployment and the deployment cases of domestic education projects, IPLOOK is well-versed in the construction of the LTE EPC and LTE IMS, presenting a more integrating and systematic solution to the university.

LTE Training platform