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IPLOOK updates our LOGO!

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  • Jimmy at
  • July 23, 2020

the new design


The design of our Logo, is concise, stable and reliable as usual, which expresses IPLOOK’s concept of providing the best core network products and services for global customers, However, the transformation from light blue to dark blue shows that we have gone into deep ocean and owns the capability to handle the information flow like the Pacific pipeline, as well as reflects IPLOOK’s core network products have grown more flexible, more stable and more mature.

This act also shows that the IPLOOK has made further development in nowadays competitive telecommunications industry.

5G network

Seeing from our new LOGO, you can surely read the confidence of IPLOOK. IPLOOK provides cloud based mobile core network (3G/4G) with a smooth ungrading to 5G support. IPLOOK is committed to enabling your accesses to the world, being at the forefront of technology and constructing a brighter future. 

Learn what our core network can do to help you accelerate yournetwork buildout, please leave your message or contact [email protected] for more infomation.