IPLOOK 4G/5G Core Network

Virtualized 5GC, EPC and IMS

IPLOOK is going to be the New and High technology enterprise

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  • April 14, 2018

   高新技术企业 On 28th of March, GuangDong Provincial Department of Science and Technology handed out a notice which informed the Science and Technology enterprises how to apply to be approved as new and high technology enterprise. IPLOOK was chosen as one of candidates.

    As the growing of IPLOOK, an increasing number of people at home and abroad know this company. We got a lot of certificates including XGW, HSS, MME, IMS qualified certificates and so on. And we set a good business relationship with China telecom, China Unicom, China Mobile and a lot of universities. IPLOOK is on his way to provide an optimal solution for you.