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Do you really know MVNO's type?

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  • January 10, 2019


MVNO is a concept generated in the process of mobile telecom operation. It is a new type of operator based on the separation of network and service. Although these operators do not fully deploy their own telecom networks, they can provide mobile telecom services and products. They can buy telecom networks from Internet providers and then market them under its own brand.

Now, it has three main types of MVNO, Branded reseller, Light MVNO, Full MVNO. As the global supplier of LTE core network, IPLOOK has cooperated with MVNO around the world very early, and thus accumulated targeted solutions and technical reserves.

The following case is IPLOOK Full MVNO solution. In addition to the wireless network provided by MNO and some core network elements, MVNO self-built core network elements include HSS/HLR, PGW/GGSN,PCRF and so on.In fact, from the perspective of network equipment construction, the core network construction of MVNE is similar to that of Full MVNO.


Full MVNO: with a deep degree of participation, some telecom operators without mobile licenses often adopt Full MVNO mode in order to enter the mobile market or a new regional market.

This case provides the Light MVNO solution for IPLOOK.This type of MVNO can participate in user-related marketing, channel sales, customer service, business package pricing and other links, then participate in SIM card number management, CRM and other links, but does not have the billing policy control function.


Branded resellers are the least involved MVNO.It mainly provides brand, channel and customer service, as well as some marketing and basic pricing services. It only has the billing system or even have not . It is more like an advanced agent with its own brand.The rest of the value chain is provided entirely by MNO.

Now ,it has a few virtual operators to build all the core network elements by themselves, and multiple operators share the base station resources with the MOCN mode. Such as these scenarios, IPLOOK has proposed solutions and put them into use on the existing network in the first quarter of 2018.

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