IPLOOK 4G/5G Core Network

Virtualized 5GC, EPC and IMS

5G network(5GC)deployment Scenario

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  • April 06, 2020

Common evolution of 5G network architecture deployment 

1) Option2:
Standard 5G wireless network deployment architecture, only 5G NR and 5GC.

2) Option3/3a/3x :
Under the 4G current network condition, the core network is still EPC with the rapid deployment of 5G NR, and 5G NR supports S1/X2 interface to connect EPC and eNB.

3) Option4/4a

5GC and 5G NR are deployed in the network, and the eNB is enhanced to increase the N2/N3/Xn interface.

4) Option5 :
Enhanced eLTE access to 5GC.

5) Option7/7a/7X

5GC and 4G eLTE (enhanced LTE/eNB )  are deployed in the network, with 5GNR as auxiliary.


5G deployment scenario overall evolution line

1) Line A: Evolve to convergent 5GC through vEPC-NSA

• vEPC-NSA deployment based on cloud native supports evolution to 5GC.

• Quickly develop 5G services, but only some of the 5G features were implemented in the initial stage.

2) Line B: Directly introduce 5GC to realize network convergence

• Introduce 5GC in the initial stage, that can deploy the complete 5G characteristic.

• The initial impact on the existing network is less.


Suggestion on the Evolution of 5GC

a) 5G introduction phase: in 2017 ~ 2018
vEPC construction
• EPC NSA trial
• 5GC trial

In 2018 ~ 2019
• EPC NSA Commercial
• 5GC IoT & trial
• Build a unified telecommunications cloud resource pool for 5G target networks

b) 4G and 5G coexistence stage: in 2019 ~ 2020
• 5GC small-scale commercial use
• 5GC full converged access capability

c) 5G main stage: in 2020 ~ 2022
• 5GC large-scale commercial use
• New operations, new business

Evolution Routing of 5G deployment  

a) Option1→Option2

b) Option1→Option3→Option2

c) Option1→Option3→Option7→Option2

d) Option1→Option3→Option4→Option2

e) Option1→Option3→Option7→Option4→Option2


Major Global Operators’ considerations for the introduction of 5G

Spectrum resources
• Less impact on existing network services
• Fast introduction of new business
• Low TCO
• Simplified network 

Option 3(NSA)is chosen by Major Global Operators. Virtualization is the key step of 5G construction.


Deployment strategy of core network in 5g Era


IPLOOK supports


The model recommended by IPLOOK for WISP:4G+5G CBRS


The model recommended by IPLOOK for Small Medium sized MNO: 3G→5G,4G→5G


The model recommended by IPLOOK for MVNO: MOCN