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5G OpenUPF White Paper Launching

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  • Jimmy at
  • March 13, 2020

IPLOOK was invited to join the webinar held by CMCC on " 5G OpenUPF  White Paper and the opening of  N4 interface  (Phase 1)" on March 11, which was attended by more than 800 representatives from 25 domestic and foreign partners. 


As the core function of 5G data processing and forwarding, UPF has gradually sank from the "core" to the edge of the network. It is not only the bridgehead of operator service vertical industry, but also the starting point of 5G driving vertical industry development. 

In order to meet the needs of network specialization, function customization, lightweight equipment and flexible deployment in the vertical industry, it is necessary to actively promote open, innovative and flexible 5G OpenUPF.

The webinar is successful and has been supported by many partners in the telecom industry. 


IPLOOK will work with all parties in the industry to continue to promote the 5G OpenUPF program and build a 5G innovation ecology.