IPLOOK 4G/5G Core Network Virtualized EPC and IMS Core

Wi-Fi calling

   4G core network provider

WiFi calling Overview

Wi-Fi calling is a solution whereby mobile service providers can deliver the same set of mobile voice and messaging services they currently offer over their macro cellular network, over any Wi-Fi network, globally. With Wi-Fi calling, mobile operators can enable their subscribers to transparently transition between their cellular network and any home, office or public Wi-Fi network.


1.Same Mobile Number – As a subscriber moves between the macro cellular network and any Wi-Fi network, they continue to use their regular mobile telephone number. They do not have a separate identity when on Wi-Fi versus the macro network. When connected to Wi-Fi, the subscriber will receive all calls and messages to their regular mobile number over the Wi-Fi network. And all calls and messages they send will also be delivered over the Wi-Fi network using their regular mobile number.

2.Same Mobile Services – As a subscriber moves between the macro cellular network and any Wi-Fi network, they continue to receive the same set of mobile services. This not only includes standard mobile calling and SMS/MMS messaging, but also the myriad of supplementary services (e.g. call waiting, multi-party calling, CLID, etc…), IN-based services (e.g. prepaid, VPN, toll free,…) as well as emergency calling (more on full regulatory compliance later).

3.Same User Experience – Subscribers have the same user experience whether they are connected to the cellular network or Wi-Fi. Subscribers continue to make and receive calls using the regular native dialer on their phone. Subscribers send and receive messages using the same app whether they are connected to Wi-Fi or the cellular network. No change in end user behavior is required

4.Good indoor service coverage

5. IPLOOK Wi-Fi calling standards and products allow for the handoff of active voice calls between Wi-Fi and cellular networks.

Application Cases

1.For some operators who want to cut down their expense on international calling, IPLOOK Wi-Fi calling solution can help them. With Wi-Fi calling function, you can make international call with no roaming charges wherever your phone can connects to Wi-Fi network.

2.For the region where the indoor coverage isnt reliable, Wi-Fi calling can solve this problem. Nowadays, you can connect Wi-Fi nearly everywhere-hotel, restaurant, office, home etc. This makes sure that customers voice call environment is stable without being worried about indoor signal problem.

Standard Deployment

An ePDG network element is deployed and connects with PGW through S2b interface. In this way, voice can be transmitted from  UE to IMS core and reach the destination in the end. Additionally, AAA network element is deployed to complete signal transmission, authentication and security services. The Wi-Fi network take place the usual eNodeB functions,and all the data transmission are based on IP network.