IPLOOK 4G/5G Core Network Virtualized EPC and IMS Core
IPLOOK GTP Router is a proxy for PGW and GGSN nodes, as well as GTP-C and GTP-U traffic, which supports multi MNO in and MVNO out.
NB-IoT/eMTC is one solution of IoT which focuse on connection of things. It one part of the 5th generation of communication system.
The 5G core network has higher compatibility and will eventually be upgraded to support 3G and 4G user access, and users can sign up to the 3G/4G/5G network at the same time to ensure a...
IPLOOK XGW include SGW and PGW. Both of these two elements can be deployed as virtualized element. The SGW and PGW functions could be realized as a single network element.
The Mobility Management Entity (MME) represents the control plane for the User Equipments(UEs) to access the 4G LTE, or EPS network. Carrier Grade MME can be NFV eleme...
IPLOOK HSS includes EPC and IMS storge functions. It features distributed structure and modular design, and supports many reliability functions.
IMS provides IP multimedia services to customers,including voice call, video call and messages. The IMS products offer a stabler voice and video call than 2G/3G core network.


Why choose us?


IPLOOK is a global provider of 4G/5G core, IMS, and VoWiFi with which it helps its clients lead into the future.

Since 2012, IPLOOK has been designing, developing, and delivering optimal LTE so- lutions to operators, government and other commercial markets. The company is a global provider of 4G/5G core, IMS, and VoWiFi with which it helps its clients lead into the future. All of its products conform with 3GPP standard and are greatly appreciated in a variety of different markets throughout the world. By the end of this year, IPLOOK 5G products which are based on NFV/SDN will be on sale. Additionally, NB-IoT specifi- cation will come true upon IPLOOK’s new network elements.IPLOOK dedicates to help you connect the world, improve lives, and build a better future where intelligence will become part of products and services.



MVNO or MNO? It's a question



IPLOOK have both the MNO network and MVNO network. IPLOOK’S MVNO solution includes PGW, HS...
IPLOOK is going to be the New and High technology enterprise



IPLOOK has successfully built a LTE products line to meet the requirements of telecom operators for LTE co...
What’s the techniques of voice over LTE?



Voice LTE provides you the better calling quality and more reasonable charging system. Only if you choose IPLO...
IPLOOK launched first NB-IoT network



IPLOOK plans to undertake proof-of concept trials in areas including smart lighting, smart lighting, smart parki...
IPLOOK officially joined WISPA



As a global supplier of LTE core network, IPLOOK has participated in the WISP LTE camp as early as 2015...
How to choose LTE equipment provider



whereas the business advantages of LTE are obvious, firms selecting optimal LTE answer should additionally con...
LTE education network by IPLOOK



IPLOOK is well-versed in the construction of the LTE EPC and LTE IMS, presenting a more integrating an...
Android creator Andy Rubin launches Essential Phone



IPLOOK will continue to focus on LTE core network and spare no effort to provide the best services for all cus...
Architecture of Evolve Packet Core(EPC)



EPC was first introduced by 3GPP in release 8 of the standard.It was set to achieve a "flat architecture". the c...
NB-IoT and eMTC



IPLOOK’s core network can support both NB-IoT and eMTC. Massive connections can be achieved by IPLOOK...

MWC 2018 highlights-IPLOOK

The exhibition show turns out to be very successful. Thanks for the specialists and management who come to our stand. We commits you to provide best services to make you lead into the fut...

IPLOOK has completed PoC for a MVNO in middle east

IPLOOK was invited to middle east for a PoC test for MVNO. We displayed the good reliability and compatibility of our products during the test.

Mobile World Cogress - IPLOOK is ready

IPLOOK will take part in MWC 2018 in Barcelona. The lastest version of 4/5G core network will be launched

Mobile World Congress 2018-IPLOOK

IPLOOK is an brand LTE core netrwork vendor in China, which makes IPLOOK become an integrated mobile network services vendor. IPLOOK NB-IoT core, EPC, IMS will be e...

Iplook MWCA first day

4G Volte functions will be exhibited on MWCA. 5G and NB-IoT technics can be introduced, too

MWCA 2017

Data: 12th September- 14th September 2017 | Location: San Francisco, America | Booth No: S2141 South Hall

Customers from middle east visited IPLOOK's company in GuangZhou

IPLOOK has deployed it's Core Network which supported 2000 Erricsson eNodeBs in middle east before.

MVNOs World Congress - IPLOOK

IPLOOK fully demonstrated its product and service capabilities in the exhibition, and we are ready to enter the European market.

IPLOOK will be on MVNOs World Congress in Madrid, 23 - 26 April 2018

IPLOOK Technologies provides innovative core network solution for both MVNO and MNO. The NFV architecture reduced CAPEX and OPEX. Please visit Pode Zone C on MVNOs...

Moments of MVNOs World Congress 2018

IPLOOK focus on the development of 4G/5G core network for more than 5 years. Now, we support various type of MVNO . Onsite services can be provided globally.

Mobile World Congress Americas: 12nd-14th Sep. 2018

IPLOOK will showcasing its solutions for MNOs and MVNOs gobally, IoT solutions and progress in 5G in 4FYN Pavilion(Stand W.333A) at MWCA in Los Angeles.

2019 MVNO&VAS World Congress - IPLOOK

Jarod Wang, VP of IPLOOK Networks Co., Ltd, in the exclusive interview with C114 Communication website. The value of MVNO as a device manufacturer is not simply the provis...